BALKAN Folk Dance Group
Sofia, Bulgaria





The folk dance group "Balkan" is established in 1954 but the last 25 years are the most beneficial for us. Since 1970 nevertheless the managerial and personal changes in the group a repertoire of dances is accumulated contributing to the face of the group.
The members of the dance group "Balkan" are people with different backgrounds - schoolboys and girls, students, workers. It's amateur group, but the management body always is racing the serious issues in terms of technical and artistic performance.
In 1974, the group "Balkan" became a laureate and a golden prizewinner at the IV Republican festival of amateur dance groups. At the next V, VI and VII festivals the group retained this prize and was always among the golden winners. We have just won the first price in the Sofia festival of youth arts 2000.

Created by
Philip Bonev