BALKAN Folk Dance Group
Sofia, Bulgaria





In the ensemble's repertoire, there are selected and arranged customs and folk dances from all the ethnographical regions of Bulgaria, what makes its concerts especially colorful and glamorous. A playbill of around 2 hours includes more than 15 dances - lyrical, playful, and ritual. The most of the dances are part of the golden heritage of the Bulgarian folk choreography, i.e. the dances "Shopska suite", "Erketchki dances" and "Madcaps" are arranged by the choreographer of the State folk dance ensemble "Philip Kutev" - Margarita Dikova, "Trifon Zarezan", "Girl feast in Shoupluka", "In the fields of Dobrudga", "Sow a field before marriage" are arranged by the choreographer of the State military ensemble Metody Kutev. The most part of the dances are arranged by Kiril Tchirpanliev - art manager for long years of the group. Each dance is specific for its atmosphere created by original dance motions, costumes and music. With their emotional performance and high spirits the dancers are loudly applauded and they conquer stages all over Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, France, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Ukraine. Here we would like to present you a short description of some of the dances included in our program. "SOW A FIELD BEFORE A MARRIAGE" - a wedding custom from Southeast Bulgaria describing the acceptance of the bride in her new home. "ENYOVA BULYA" - a custom dance from the North Bulgaria, performed on 24 June / the day of Enyo/ when girls picks flowers and herbs to make wreaths for health and against evil. "KUDI" - it is a dance from the Southeast part of the country, from the Trace. The background is the winter feast "Koleduvane" /it is a Christmas custom/. "GIRL FEAST IN SHOUPLUKA" - it is a dance performance from West Bulgaria - Shoupsko. It is a ritual based on the folk beliefs. It is a winter feast of the girls who are trying together to predict their future. "ERKETCHKI DANCES" - folk elements from East Bulgaria. The idea of the dance is "lazaruvane" - a religious ceremony in terms of regeneration and rebirth of the nature in the spring. The girls are simulating a flock of herring gulls. "IN THE FIELDS OF DOBRUDGA" - from Northeast part of Bulgaria. It describes the agricultural activities during the year - sowing a field, wheat growing, harvesting and the preparation of the bread. The choreography of the dance nears folk dance theater "ORATNITZI" - it is a dance based on a folk heritage of Northwest Bulgaria. It represents a moment of spring feast "Zagovezni" /forgiveness/ which is the important part of the Bulgarian system of ritual celebrations. In our program we have included "Butterfly", "Along the river", "Youth", "Misunderstanding", "Shoupska suite", "Kopanitza", "Ludetina", "Madcaps", "Trifon Zarezan", "Northern suite".

Created by
Philip Bonev